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Research and scientific activity

As part of the Initiative of Excellence – Research University competition, four new emerging research fields were selected – including two in the humanities, social sciences and arts. One of them is “Old and New Institutions in the Modern World – Changes and Challenges in a Multidisciplinary Perspective”. At the Institute of Information and Communication Research, members of this interdisciplinary team, led by dr hab. Arkadiusz Karwacki, PhD, DSc, are: dr Barbara Brodzińska-Mirowska, PhD, prof. dr hab. Ewa Głowacka, PhD, Dsc, and prof. dr hab. Marek Jeziński, PhD, DSc. More information

Science Bridges – meetings that we organize in order to overcome the existing formal and mental limitations of the division of disciplines, to discuss the latest trends in science and technology, to discuss research problems, to show the obtained results and search for solutions together. More information