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The Department of Printed and Digital Media was established in 2019 as a result of the merger of the Department of Old and Contemporary Books and the Department of Press Knowledge. The Department employs six people: two with the title of professor, two with a PhD, DSc degree and two with a PhD degree.

The research interests of the Department’s employee involve various aspects of the functioning of printed media from the early modern period to the 20th century: including production, form, evolution, distribution, use of books, graphics, leaflets and the press. The Department’s employees also study the process of the penetration of traditional media into the digital environment (Internet, e-books, Internet periodicals) and study the manifestations of digitization of traditional media, especially in the field of electronic databases of printed media (books, periodicals, graphics, ephemera, book covers).

Classes conducted by the Department’s employees are related to the profile of the conducted research. These are classes in the field of Information Architecture (BA and MA studies) and Information Management and Book Studies (MA studies). The Department’s employees also conduct diploma and MA seminars and look after doctoral students (independent researchers).