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Research areas

History of books and their use:

  • book production, distribution and use in the early modern period(booksellers-publishers, various forms of book trade, including auctions, book advertising, private libraries, bibliophilia);
  • evolution of books as a medium (a handwritten and printed book in the European circle as a medium subject to multifaceted changes in external form (paper, writing [handwritten and printed], illustration [illuminated, graphic, printed], binding, proprietary marks [bookplates, supralibros]);
  • Polish bookbinding in the early modern period;
  • book market in Poland after 1945 (mechanisms of changing the book market model and politicizing the publishing activity, censorship and its manifestations, P.P. “House of Books”, publishing series and forms of book promotion in the People’s Republic of Poland).


  • press of the Second Polish Republic (conservative press, Pomeranian periodicals with particular emphasis on Toruń periodicals, issues of press supervision and control);
  • press after 1945 (scientific and popular science journals, military-historical journals, samizdat press, academia as press publishers).

Art as a form of communication:

  • multiple areas of fine arts and crafts (especially directly related to the book medium) as transmitters of new religious, political and social ideas.

Contexts of new media:

  • digital collections of Europe’s cultural heritage (selection of objects, use and utilization of the existing databases collecting cultural heritage resources);
  • book institutions (publisher, bookseller, librarian in the face of new technological challenges and their new competences, modern media offer of broadcasters and publishers);
  • press(new forms of press);
  • copyright and intellectual property protection;
  • library ethics – information ethics;
  • freedom of speech online.