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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science. Modern dynamics of the labour market create a situation in which the most desirable features are flexibility and readiness to take on new challenges and quickly modify one’s competences – cognitive science prepares you for that. Multidisciplinarity and the emphasis put by the staff on the topicality of the knowledge passed on make the student acquire the tools to follow scientific news and predict the needs of the modern labour market. The broad spectrum of development offered by this major allows us to educate our students to be active and able to critically evaluate data, as well as acquire new skills and adapt to the expectations of employers in a short time, as well as undertake their own initiatives. It is also a good major for people with broad interests and a thirst for knowledge who have not yet decided which career path they want to follow. A wide range of modules from humanities through neuropsychology to computer science will help you make this decision.

Interdisciplinary nature

Studies in the field of cognitive science allow you to explore both theoretical knowledge, mainly concerning cognitive processes, mechanisms of their operation, determinants and their modelling, as well as practical knowledge related to medical sciences, mainly in the field of computer diagnosis of speech and vision disorders and brain neuroimaging, as well as in many other areas in which modern information technologies can be used. On the other hand, practical classes provide an opportunity to acquire basic skills, including in computer graphics, designing program interfaces and virtual environments, programming for education.

Why is it worth studying Cognitive Science at NCU?

    1. social and humanistic – in the field of HR and PR as well as personal and environmental consulting thanks to cooperation with the Department of Psychology and the Institutes of Philosophy and Sociology;

    2. bio-medical in the field of data analysis of empirical research (fMRI, EEG, TMS, Eyetracker, Neurofeedback) and diagnostics thanks to cooperation with Collegium Medicum;

    3. mathematics and IT in the field of programming and designing virtual environments and VR thanks to cooperation with the Department of Applied Computer Science.

After graduation

A graduate of Cognitive Science at the Nicolaus Copernicus University can find employment at, inter alia: