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Research Clubs

A club gathering students interested in expanding knowledge in the field of website design, the use of social media in various areas of activity (science, culture, education, PR) and creating modern forms of information transfer. The organization operates in three areas: popularizing (promoting information architecture among current and future students), research (participation in conferences, discussion panels, seminars, lectures and workshops; meetings with representatives of the world of science and business) and organizational (classes for children, shows, meetings). Members of the circle are active in social media and run their own podcast “We and Technologies”, in which they talk about the role of progress in the modern world, the importance of innovative solutions and changes that result from the implementation of new technologies in various areas of life. The Club’s supervisor is dr Przemysław Krysiński, PhD.

Journalism Students’ Research Club was established in 2008. The mission of the Journalism Club is to educate future journalists through direct contact with media people, recognized and experienced practitioners. The aim of the club is to organize regular meetings with respected journalists (e.g. Beata Tadla, Piotr Witwicki), but also social innovators (e.g. Tomasz Kozakiewicz). In addition, students visit editorial offices (e.g. Program III PR). The meetings are to develop students’ individual passions and prepare them better and more fully for the future work of a journalist. Students organize such events as Bal Dziennikarza na Trawie (Journalist Ball on the grass), Pozytywnie Informujący Tramwaj campaign (Positively Informing Tram), or take part in the MediaTory plebiscite awarding student prizes to Polish journalists. The Club’s supervisor is dr hab. Aleksandra Seklecka, PhD, DSc, prof. of the NCU.

Toruń Cognitive Science Club was created so that its members could share their interests, deepen them and inspire each other. At the meetings of the club, we present our own papers related to the issues we are interested in and discuss them. We also organize joint trips to conferences related to cognitive science and we are happy to invite lecturers from other universities for guest lectures. In the future, we would like to carry out our own research projects related to the specializations we have chosen and establish cooperation with research clubs from all over Poland and scientists dealing with similar topics. The Club’s supervisor is dr Tomasz Komendziński, PhD.

A research club gathering students interested in issues related to public relations and communication management. Members of the club expand their knowledge in the field of social communication, follow communication trends, organize events and promotional and information campaigns. Thanks to their involvement in creative projects, they gain experience and develop soft skills related to e.g. project management and teamwork. The Club’s supervisor is dr Barbara Brodzińska-Mirowska, PhD.

UX Research Club

A research group established by three doctoral students in response to their needs. Members support each other, discuss and motivate each other for further development. The club engages in various scientific activities, supports event implementation, but one of its main tasks is the annual organization of the Scientific Conference as part of the “WIAD” Information Architecture Day. The Club’s supervisor is mgr Weronika Kortas, PhD.