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Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate Diploma Studies in Infobrokering and Information Management

Studies provide the necessary knowledge, skills and competence in the area of organization and management of information resources and commercial implementation of information services for the benefit of various bodies. The studies programme focuses on the introducing the students to the role of information and information sector in society, with particular regard to such issues as the applications of modern information and communication techniques; engineering and management of IT systems; sources, methods and tools of professional information finding and its evaluating.

Postgraduate Diploma Studies in Web Publishing

Studies provide the audience with the knowledge, skills and social competence necessary to design, execute and implement the modern information services. The programme framework presents contents aimed to develop the skills that will enable the audience to:

  • Independently create a correct information content and promote it online
  • Manage and set-up the Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Independently compare and select the tools necessary to edit and publish the contents online
  • Position or SEO, test and evaluate the information services
  • Analyse and develop the information services codes in HTML and CSS
  • Prepare the graphic designs for the online information services